Entrepreneurship Network PACA Network Association brings together volunteers willing to provide assistance to their creators and buyers of SME entrepreneurs in business. Its primary purpose is to support women and men entrepreneurs by relying on the expertise of senior executives.

This national network, initiated in the North by the Mulliez family (Auchan Group), works on the principle of reciprocity: young entrepreneurs receive funding as well as the experience of the 'established' leaders, while the latter is enriched by the innovative spirit and dynamism of young entrepreneurs.


PACA beliefs
  • PACA believes that business can only thrive in an active economic environment.
  • PACA believes that the best way to boost employment is still helping entrepreneurs start businesses.
  • PACA believes that only economic civil society can bring new entrepreneurs an environment conducive to their success confidence.

PACA principles
  • PACA gives priority to the personality and abilities of men and women entrepreneurs.
  • They are committed to promoting the values ​​of courage, humility, autonomy and responsibility.
  • They do our reciprocity rule of engagement.
  • They practice the sharing of experience in a friendly and mutual trust.
  • They believe that the meetings are creating value and synergy.
  • The involvement of PACA is based on the free, their interventions are volunteers.
  • They refuse to take any interest in the companies, they just support.

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